At Countryside Veterinary Clinic, we care about your pet’s health and well being. Our groomer is certified through the Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming, and can groom to all AKC breed standards. Consult with our groomer to decide if your pet should have a breed-specific cut or a pet trim, or to discuss special needs for your pet.

We offer grooming for both cats and dogs. We use premium shampoos and specialty grooming products to make your pets look and feel their best. Included in all groomings are nail trims and ear cleaning. Special considerations are available for senior pets, as well as those with allergies and skin conditions. We accept all dogs and cats for grooming. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

Small Animal Care and Treatment

Our goal at Countryside is to keep your pet safe and healthy for as long as possible. We strive to diagnose and treat any diseases or issues that arise as quickly as possible. The best defense for protecting your pet is having a working relationship with your veterinarian, we encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns as they arise, and to be prepared with a list of any concerns at your scheduled appointment.

Dental Services

We have a modern dental set-up including ultrasonic scalers and digital x-rays. We evaluate every animal during their annual exam for dental disease and recommend treatment options at that time, from routine brushing to dental cleanings (performed under anesthesia), to tooth extractions, with an estimate to help you plan. The entire mouth of your pet will be x-rayed, with images and a report available for you after the procedure.


All of our veterinarians are very capable at using our modern ultrasound machine, with the ability to share your images to a disc for you to have for your records.


Our radiology is fully digital, with a move-able table to try and provide your pet with the best comfort possible. Images can also be automatically sent for referrals and second opinions. We can also forward our images to our in-clinic I-Pad to show owners while in the exam room.

In-House Diagnostics

Our in house laboratory works well with IDEXX and allows us to test blood, urine, and fecals. We are able to do routine blood screenings (including Blood Chemistry, Electrolytes, Complete Blood Cell Count), Thyroid testing, Feline Leukemia/Feline Aids testing, Heartworm and Lyme Disease Testing, Pancreatitis Diagnostic Testing, and Cortisol Levels. We also do routine urinalysis testing as well as routine fecals to check for intestinal parasites.
We utilize our modern machines as well as our trained technicians and veterinarians to diagnose and plan a treatment protocol for your pets specific needs.

Variety of Surgical Procedures

Our surgical suite allows us to perform a variety of procedures – including routine spays and castrations, as well as more advanced procedures including c-sections, exploratory surgery, amputations and cruciate surgery. We are happy to provide referrals and information for other board certified surgical veterinarians in the area if needed.
Every patient is monitored with equipment that measures their Pulse, Blood Pressure, ECG, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Respirations – as well as having a Licensed Veterinary Technician present.
We also utitilize a heated surgical table and a Laser Therapy Unit to help decrease swelling and inflammation and to promote a quicker healing time in most of our surgical patients.

In-House Hospitilization Care

There are a variety of enclosures available to fit the size of your pet, as well as a variety of medical equipment needed to stabilize the patient. The entire staff participates in providing care for your pet treating and monitoring throughout the day and changing treatment plans as needed.

Laser Therapy

Our Companion Care Laser Unit allows us to treat a wide variety of problems. This includes: bites, wound, surgical incision, ear infections, bladder infections, gingivitis, arthritis, pain, trauma, and post surgical treatment.


The clinic provides safe housing for dogs and cats with a variety of sized kennels and runs for your pet, with a large fenced in yard and larger outdoor kennels available as well.
Our clinic prefers to use our blankets and beds for every animal while boarding and requests that you also take their leash and collar home with you. Your welcome to bring your pets food and treats with them and we welcome your care instructions. Your pet must be current on vaccines and these can be discussed at the time a reservation is made.

Prescription Diets

Hill’s Science Diet is our recommended food (Including Ideal Balance) – we also carry a variety of prescription foods for both canine and feline patients.
We do also carry Purina, Royal Canin and IAMS foods.
Prescriptions can also be written for food if not available at our clinic at that time.